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Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist !!

By  Ayantika     2:26 PM    Labels: 

Hi Guys, it’s almost 2 months I have not posted anything on my blog. Actually it was snowing terribly in Connecticut on Oct last and then there was a huge power cut here. No heat, no power, no food, no water….all you can say it was totally a mess. After that I was quite busy for my First Thanks Giving!! Shopped like mad you know : D…and I will update you later about that !! :)
Last week, again I went to mall for nothing but ended with a huge B&B fragrance mist!! :D:D:D
Yesss, here it is :)
I am a diehard B&B fan and so, I just could not resist seeing the sale which was going that day!
Bath & Body Works was having a Semi-Annual sale; I got everything pictured above - over a $45 value - for just $30 out of pocket.

Also got two gift coupons along with it - check these below. Isn't it great ?

Below one is my favorite, Twilight Woods. Using it since last Oct and fragrance is just amazing !!!!  :)
What is your favorite B&B fragrance??? Let me know !!

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  1. So many fragrances, total likee :)
    We dont have bath & body access here in India :(

  2. @Divya....really dear so manu fragrances and it is just awesome :)...yes India me B&B nehi hai...hope we will get it soon in India :):):)...and hun thx for following my blog :D

  3. Wow..you're so crazy about B&b, i can see. :)

    Btw following you dear.


  4. @Veru...yessssssssssssssh I am ;)...btw following u toooo :D

  5. hve used sweet pea, wild orchid, vanilla and warm sugar (not sure if that is the name)

    1. thank u sooo mcuh for dropping here :)....XX !!

  6. wow thats alot of bath and body works.so you gonna send me some.lol. just joking.thanks for the follow. i also followed your lovely blog and on facebook as well. @curl girl braids and more.


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