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Christmas Look Book ( NYC Trip Pics)

By  Ayantika     4:48 PM    Labels:,, 

Hello Bellezas!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this year. As for me I went to New York City with my hubby and couple of friends. And we all know that Christmas celebration in NYC is the craziest thing ever! J
One of my friends Sonali suggests me to do a blog post on my Christmas Look. So here it is J

Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Shopper’s Stop
Faux Fur Hooded Puffer Coat : Walmart
Boot: K-Mart
Knit Gloves w/Faux Fur : Walmart
Hat : K-Mart

Do you love this look?? Let me know! <3

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New mommy, hopeless romantic, insane, day dreamer, cup cake lover, travel buff, reader, gemini and a bong. O I do blog!


  1. Love it! Very cute and warm ;) Your eyes are GORGEOUS!

    LOL Love the wax museum...is that Susan Lucci's statue over your right shoulder? Just curious ;)

    I have only ever been to the airport in NY. I would LOVE to go to NYC and see everything. Looks like you had a great trip!

  2. I loved ur look Ayantika...u look so pretty,,
    fantastic pics my dear :) :)
    you are a very pretty girl <3 <3 :)

    Bless you

  3. @The Crafty Angel....than q than q than q :)....Wax museum is great and NYC is a great fun...That wax is of Kim Kardashian !
    o yes, thx for following me


  4. @Namita...thanzie sweets <3....ur comments means a lott to me...thx for ur suppor...bless u too honey


  5. Ayantika, you look sooo beautiful!!!
    I have always wanted to go to NYC in winter to watch snowfall. Lucky you.
    You look fab! Now that you have posted your beautiful photo we'd take the liberty to bug you for the makeup break down :)
    Would you be able to do one please?

  6. @Nivedita.....awwwwwwww dear....than qu sooooooo much for ur lovely dovely comment ;) ...NYC is simply fab dear...If u come to NYC then ping me ...I will b there again ;)...and as for snowfall ,i have already experienced that in my area :D....and for make up I will break down that !! :D <3

  7. OMG..u r soo cutieee XOXO..following u :)

  8. @Sukanya...OMG...u r fab too ;)....gracias <3

  9. thank you so much ayantika for your post... you look lovely... i also want to buy a fur hooded jacket...but u know kolkata is so hot ...so there's no point in buying one... love ur hair style... keep posting... all the best..!! :)

  10. @Sonali...thnk u so much dear for ur inspiration...this post is spclly for u.. keep looking !! :)

  11. nice pics...looking great..i loved ur shoes :P
    following u dear:)

  12. @Sara...awww thx for ur comment dear :)

  13. WOW Ayantika. Lucky you! You got to see NYC around Christmas time!

    Are you wearing contacts :) Sexy!


  14. @Megha...yeshhhh i ws wearing contacts ;)...thx for ur commnt yaar...this means a lottt to me :)

  15. Cute photos!


  16. ur looking lyka pure bong beauty...uv got BEUTIFUL EYES,GLOSSY HAIR...SOFT ORANGY PINK LIPS...da pix r js lovely :)

  17. @Rachel...ooooo.thn qthn q thn q....u r soooo sweeet dear :)...thx for u commnt :)...do subscribe plz :)

  18. i find that u look a bit similar to michelle phan(indianized version though) ..loved the post!

  19. @bidisha...aww thankq :)))))))))))) and keep luking dear :)

  20. Hey..i like ur eyes..super duper cute u r..

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