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Deal of the Day : Dockers Sweater

By  Ayantika     11:54 PM    Labels: 
Hi everyone! :)

Today I had my dinner with Dossa and Coconut Chutney...yummm.<3 And now it's 11.40 pm here.Time for bed!

But before that I want to share with you something. Just few minutes back I found a very good deal on Deal's 2 Buy .So I thought of sharing with you all ! :)
It's all about Dockers sweater which you can buy from Kohl's .
Here is the direct link of Kohl's site -

You can get this sweater at 7.20 $ instead of 45$. Isn't it tempting ? ;)

If you need details of this deal , then here it is 

I have just ordered two for my dad and dad in law ! :)
Do check this deal and let me know ! <3

Good Night!

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  1. very nice deal Ayantika..
    n I loved your gesture towards both of ur dad's :) <3 very sweet of u,,

  2. Thanks Ayantika for sharing this. Liking the stuff they have. :)

  3. @Vertu....yuuup dear...same here...their stuffs are really amazing :)


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