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Products Used :  Colorbar Nail Lacquer (Blue Lagoon 05)- 150 INR for 9 ml  and Maybeline Colorma (Café Brasil) – 85 INR for 8 ml (but I got it free with other Maybelline products).

These two are favorite specially Blue Lagoon ! Love this shade very much <3
Thee both are of more or less same consistency and staying power is also same (3-4 days ) .
Available in all leading stores in India.
I know you have already used them, so share your experience, please !! :-)

Much Love,

P.S. : I do use nail color according to my mood and occasion (if any ) and here I am not reviewing these two nail color. 
Hey Hi,

Let's make you all snowy !

First snowfall of this year ....

Second snowfall of this winter .....

And,  ..... third snowfall of "US" !!

I am / we are in LOVE with snowfall !! 

Let it snow...let it snow.....let it snow .....!

Loadsa Love,

P.S. Please let me know your f/b regarding my look in this post ! ..... Ummmm .... should I do a break down or not ??!! 

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“A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world” – Leo Buscaglia!

I love roses! To me, Rose is the sign of love and joy… emotion and desire….innocence and weetness, admiration and appreciation…. elegance and grace! And I am Feelin’ ROSY!!

…And for this all credit goes to Maybelline Color Sensational Feelin’ Rosy Lip Stain !!

What is Lip Stain : Lip stain is a cosmetic product which is designed to stain the lips with long-lasting color which will resist wear. Unlike lipstick, it does not contain wax.Lip stain may come in a bottle with an applicator which is used to brush the stain onto the lips, and it can also come in a small jar, with users applying the stain with a finger or a cosmetic brush.

According to Maybelline :

A fresh new sensation in color:
• Sheer wash of color from water-based pigments
• Fresh, barely-there feel from vitamin-enriched berry nectar

In Action :

· This is a felt tip marker. It was not coming out when I first tried but as soon as I pushed a bit too hard there was a click and the color started coming out. 

· Since it is a marker, so if you store this standing with the pen tip downwards, then it will never gets dry. 

· Really a rosy shade. I want to be look like I’ve just rubbed a bunch of rose petals on my lips and that’s the exact shade which I get from this. 

· This shade can be flattering for warm skin tone people. 

· I don’t like to reapply my lippie very often and that is the reason I love this lip stain very much. Staying power is really long lasting (easily 6-7 hrs

· Even this is pretty much waterproof when eating or drinking 

· I was suffering from chapped lip and this lip stain tends to linger on those chapped areas of my lips, so if you have a soft smooth lip then only go for it. 

· Put your favorite lip balm underneath. This will give extra shine to your lip. 

· Fragrance is awesome just like cherry or raspberry. 

· This 0.1 fl Oz lip stain is originally priced as $7.49 but I got it from Walmart at $5.50

Verdict: If you’re looking for an inexpensive lip stain then this is the one The formula seems to be very light weight and the pigmentation is just right. This is sensational truly ! 

I am in love with lip stain and can’t wait to try out some other brands ! What about you ? 


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"Take me back to Renfrew Valley 
Where the Bonnechere winds away 
Through the perfumed fields of clover
 And the scent of new-mown hay;"

Feeling kind of nostalgic today! Nostalgic for 2011! I know this is weird! It’s already 10th of Jan and I am still talking about 2011.Yes…I am …coz I am weird… I am moody… I am an emotional fool! But who cares!!

This is the year in which I became wife, I became life partner, I became cook, I became home maker!!
….even…Daughter in law—sister in law – and the list continues!!

This is the year when I saw my parents last time on march 1st ! (hope to see them next month again!!)…o yes I am not talking about skype! …And so….this is the year of Vonage and Skype ! 3 cheers for them!

This is the year when I came to USA for the first time …and that also with my husband! And yes also after 10 days of our marriage! Is this my dream honeymoon which is still continuing?? !! Ummm…may be may be not!!

This is the year in which I went to my office only for 2 months! …first time after getting into professional life ! Did/do I like it….of course not! But being on H4 visa I do not have work permit in US! So what !?!...it was my resolution that I will be with my husband for this whole year …at least!!

This is the year in which me and Avijit ( my husband u know) was in same continent(not like 2010…me in India/he in USA)…same state…same city(not like 2006-10…me in Kolkata/he in Bhubaneswar)…same community….OMG…same apartment…even , same room too!! Oops …so much for “us”…how did we manage ?!?

This is the year in which I saw not-so- friendly behavior of some my close friends. And bla bla bla…which I should  not talking about here….not for them…for me ofcourse…they are not that important u know…so……should I delete them from my friend list ? Aahhhh….not fromFaceBook …from my life actually! What you say ?
Also, this is the year in which I met few precious friend of my life…hope to be with them forever!

And also…I started blogging this year…which is my latest passion and hope will be through this year!!

Below are my honeymoon destinations of 2011…yes there are many…coz it was not honeymoon you see…it was/is long extended honeymoon!
March – Connecticut (First time in USA and I live here )
April – Boston
May- New Heaven (CT) & Rhode Island
July– Niagara Falls
August- Long Island
October – New York City and New Jersey
December- New York City, again!

2011, you became most important chapter of my life…will always cherish you!!
Love you!

Hi everybody, how’ve you been? Hope you all are doing well <3

Winter is here! And for that Body lotion is must have for all of us. So, today I am doing a quick review of my favorite Lotus Herbals Almond Nourish Daily Nourishing Body Lotion (INR 225 for 300 ml). 

The First Look: This is a nourishing moisturizer enriched with Almond oil which is a rich source of Vitamin E and improves complexion and retains glow, delays ageing process, relieves dry and itching skin .The product claimed that it supplies your normal to combination skin skin vital nourishment, skin looks supple, healthy and radiant.

How to apply: Apply liberally all over the body, ideally after a shower or bath on damp skin for best skin softening, sealing in the moisture. Focus on dry or stressed areas such as elbows, heels and knees. Can be used any time your skin is feeling particularly parched and dry.

In Action:     
  • Consistency is thick and smell is pretty good.
  • Leaves skin hydrated for all day, even in winter also.
  • My skin became natural in winter and this body lotion doesn't make me sticky.
  •  The packaging is also very nice with a pump dispenser which will make sure that you will get that much quantity only which you want.
  •    SPF 20 is the best part.and I would definitely consider using it during the day time.
  •   Titanim Dioxide and Octyle Methoxy Cinnamate (Sunscreen) iseEffective sun protectors which prevents skin tan also
  • Pricing is also decent for the quantity they are offering.
  •   But, but, but it contains Paraben.
  • Easily available but only in India.   

Verdict: I loved this body lotion for normal to combination skin.Recommend this especially for winter season. This lotion gives me the perfect moisturization and leaves my skin soft with a very nice smell all day long. I would give this product 4.5 out of 5 stars.

By the way, what is your favorite body lotion in winter ?

Loatsa love,

Hello everybody!
First blog post of New Year ….and I am very excited about it! Actually I wanted to post it yesterday, but was busy partying ….so couldn’t make it. Anyway, I have another party to attend today and night …but how can I forget u all & Bong’s Belleza…so, I am here again my lovelies, though I know I will be late …just feel the craziness!! : P
Anyways, I know NOTD isn't my cup of tea... my nails aren't properly and perfectly shaped the way they needed to be, but today is New year…so who cares ?? Let’s have some festive nail candy!

Let's meet Helena from Julep.Oops, Helena is the nail color which I am wearing today!If u mix this beautiful ultra-saturated fuchsia nail color with the star nail decoration followed by a fast dry top coat from Julen, the the combo simply rocks!!

Aren't they both stunning and vibrant? Each nail color ( i mean Helena and Top coat) costs 14 $, but I got this combo pack and also a Julep Pomegranate Body Cream  from  http://www.julep.com/  at 20 $.Great deal it was!! :D

This combo pack is of my hubby and me ! ;) and this is the ring which he has gifted me on our engagement !! <3

That's it for now!
What was your New Year NOTD ?
Please leave me a comment, I love reading them all. :)
Happy New Year, once again!! :)

Much love!

P.S.:- wrote this post today morning, but due to some sudden internet problem I couldn't post it !! :( 

May this New Year brings your way beauty and grace and fill your life with loveliness! Wish u 366 days of happiness! 

Much Love,
Bong's Belleza !!

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