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I Love You 2011

By  Ayantika     11:42 AM    Labels:,,, 

"Take me back to Renfrew Valley 
Where the Bonnechere winds away 
Through the perfumed fields of clover
 And the scent of new-mown hay;"

Feeling kind of nostalgic today! Nostalgic for 2011! I know this is weird! It’s already 10th of Jan and I am still talking about 2011.Yes…I am …coz I am weird… I am moody… I am an emotional fool! But who cares!!

This is the year in which I became wife, I became life partner, I became cook, I became home maker!!
….even…Daughter in law—sister in law – and the list continues!!

This is the year when I saw my parents last time on march 1st ! (hope to see them next month again!!)…o yes I am not talking about skype! …And so….this is the year of Vonage and Skype ! 3 cheers for them!

This is the year when I came to USA for the first time …and that also with my husband! And yes also after 10 days of our marriage! Is this my dream honeymoon which is still continuing?? !! Ummm…may be may be not!!

This is the year in which I went to my office only for 2 months! …first time after getting into professional life ! Did/do I like it….of course not! But being on H4 visa I do not have work permit in US! So what !?!...it was my resolution that I will be with my husband for this whole year …at least!!

This is the year in which me and Avijit ( my husband u know) was in same continent(not like 2010…me in India/he in USA)…same state…same city(not like 2006-10…me in Kolkata/he in Bhubaneswar)…same community….OMG…same apartment…even , same room too!! Oops …so much for “us”…how did we manage ?!?

This is the year in which I saw not-so- friendly behavior of some my close friends. And bla bla bla…which I should  not talking about here….not for them…for me ofcourse…they are not that important u know…so……should I delete them from my friend list ? Aahhhh….not fromFaceBook …from my life actually! What you say ?
Also, this is the year in which I met few precious friend of my life…hope to be with them forever!

And also…I started blogging this year…which is my latest passion and hope will be through this year!!

Below are my honeymoon destinations of 2011…yes there are many…coz it was not honeymoon you see…it was/is long extended honeymoon!
March – Connecticut (First time in USA and I live here )
April – Boston
May- New Heaven (CT) & Rhode Island
July– Niagara Falls
August- Long Island
October – New York City and New Jersey
December- New York City, again!

2011, you became most important chapter of my life…will always cherish you!!
Love you!

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New mommy, hopeless romantic, insane, day dreamer, cup cake lover, travel buff, reader, gemini and a bong. O I do blog!


  1. such a beautiful way to remember the year we all left behind,,quite eventful for you,,
    marriage is a defining phase in our lives,,, :) all my good wishes for you and Avijit and your family for 2012,,may it be even better than 2011 was in every possible way,,
    n yeyyy for meeting parents again next month..

    I have a feeling that I will be writing a similar post this year end ;)

    Good luck n loads of love

  2. Let the happiness prevails in 2012 also :)..Loved the post..i can't think anyother better way to remember past year

  3. @Namita...than q so much sweetie...i knoew that u will be first one to comment here...aisehi...telepathy u know ;)...I hope and I know that u will write a similar one not that even a better post on 2012 Dec :)...all the best for ur future !! <3

  4. @Siri...aww u r such a darling dear :)...thaxxxxxxx for ur lovely comment :)...wish u same for 2012 :)

  5. Really loved this post. May you have very very very long honeymoon.
    And I watched the video too, love your pics.


  6. Even I had to let go of a few people (no point of calling them friends when there is betrayal)! Loved reading this post! <3 and all the best in everything you do this year!

  7. @Vertu....thanq dear :)...wish u the same ;) !!

  8. @Deepika...thank u so much for ur comment Deepika....welcome to bong's belleza...and I wish u all the best in 2012 :)

  9. Aww, then 2011 must be very special for you :) A lots of good wishes for you and your husband :)

  10. You know what? You have a lovely talent for taking your readers through a trip along with you.

    Lovely post and great videos :)

  11. such a lovely message and video! Sounds like 2011 was a great year for you! Here's to an awesome 2012!

  12. @Nikki...hey dear welcome to bong's beleza :)...and thx for ur lovely comment...wish u a HNY :)

  13. @Nivedita...hey Niv thx so much dear....ur comment made my day :)

  14. @Cherry Lane...thanku thanku thnaku...:)....wish u same dear :)

  15. Congrats Ayantika!! You had a lovely 2011!! Me too had great times this year-although it started with a horrible car accident-I too had my fist foreign trip this year :)

    1. ohhh car accident ? wat hpnd Anu ??? and foreign trip ?? wao :D...

  16. Just stumbled upon your blog! Good work:-) Happy New year to you too!
    Check out my blog whenever you have time!

    1. Welcome to Bong's Belleza :)...will surely check your blog :)...and thn q very much or commenting <3

  17. It was an awesome read, Ayantika! I wish you all the best for the year 2012...may this year also be a blessed one for you and your hubby...keep smiling and hugs xoxo

    1. Thx a lot Sonali...wish you the same for your dear :)...XOXO

  18. Vonage has changed lives...now, you can really learn how to make kashmiri pulao over the phone and I like your new blog look....like a clean slate, fresh start:)

    1. truly Vonage changed our life and hahaha u r so rite emm...i do learn lots f recipe from ma(mom) over phone...:)...its really feel great that you like this new look <3

  19. I can really relate to what you are saying..2011 was a very imp chapter for me too. I got married in July 2011 and came to US in sep 2011 with my hubby..<3<3...

  20. so beautiful way.................... chokher konta vijechhe............. love u


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