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Month of Love

By  Ayantika     1:54 PM    Labels:,,, 

“Take me to your heart take me to your soul
Give me your hand before I'm old
Show me what love is - haven't got a clue
Show me that wonders can be true……”

Top : Walmart, Necklace : Osh Kosh B'gosh (Jr. Section), Makeup :  moisturizer (J&J baby lotion) with a hint of   Revlon Kiss Me Coral

February is the month of romance .... February is the month of love ….February i is the month when I got married …. February is the month when he expressed his feelings to me for the first time …. February is the month when we all celebrate Valentine’s Day !!

Me and my husband know each other since last 10 years , but this is our second valentine’s day together ….. weird ??? ehhhh ….. ummmm….(I mean F2F…if you consider webcam as F2F then it was our 6th one) !! Do you know what was first ? It was just one year back … four days prior to our marriage …. We met at airport for 15 minutes!!

I don’t know is it right or wrong to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but this year I didn’t want to miss it a bit! We do puja / prayer everyday ….. but yes we celebrate a special day in a whole year as Durga puja….as Christmas ! So nothing harms… right ?

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and a day of surprise for us !

I can’t remember when we saw our last sunrise together…so yesterday I planned for a romantic sunrise. I knew it was chilling, but yes it was worth it. His “oh what are you doing yaar “attitude just vanished within a couple of sec. He was surprised. Actually!  
Second surprise ! “areyyy ajke ki holo tomar ? sorir thik ache to ?  ( hey what happened? Are you OK ? ) “…this was the exact version of him when he opened his lunch box. Yes, I packed mutton biriyani for him ! His favorite….mine too ( oh no I am on a strict diet now…so biriyani for him…and veggie sandwich for me ) !!

And now my turn to be surprised! Oh I love it ;) !!
He planned a romantic dinner for us …and booked two tickets for Washington, Philadelphia and Baltimore tour . Yuppie… we are going to DC this weekend to celebrate our first anniversary !
I was surprised ! I was happy ! I love surprises !! J

BTW, a pearl necklace, a sweater dress and a leather bag was not surprise for me at all !! ;)

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all <3


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  1. OMG-you had such a lovely VDAY and again goinna have a rocking weekend :) awesome!!!! Have a gr8 time!!!

  2. Wooww... This is such a cute post :) Belated Happy Valentine's day and wish you a happy romantic love life together forever!!! :) Keep smiling

    1. than q sooo much lancy :)....made my day :):)!!

  3. Aww..this is so sweet ..enjoy the trip to DC and have great time :)

  4. You had such a lovely day together!!! Ki moja na?
    For us, I think we would never make it to the sunrise. Only sunset for us :P
    Dujonei ghumai late!

    1. Lol was going to say the same thing
      on second thoughts..making it to sunrise is possible provided night of 13th is spent without sleep:D

      Btw, I love the collage:)

    2. hahahah Niv true rey...actually amader o tai e hoi...even sedin ami rat 3 te shuyechilam :P....btw ekhane sunrise mane kolkatar moto bhor 5 am noi....its 7 am here ;) !!

    3. Emm....hey u know m a insomaniac...u cn undrstnd that if u see my eye ;)...pura dark circle bhra hua hai...shhhhhh koi hai wala :P:P....thnkzie dt u love the collage :):)

  5. You looked absolutely gorgeous and that lippie looks awesome ,... however i am too shy to try bold shades :p but love them on people who carry them effortlessly ...

    from your new follower :)

    1. welcome home dear...its all urs :)...and thanq sooo much for ur all kind words :):)

  6. awww. both of you look so cute together! <3 enjoy your vacation!

    1. thank u thank u :):)....today we r leaving :):) !!

  7. Heartiest congratulations baby!! to you and your husband :)
    God Bless both of you :) such a cute pair :) :)

    m the 7th commentor this time ..my bad!! sowiee :(

    but anyways,,,congrats sweetheart :) enjoy ur trip :)

    1. hehehhe...bt u know Nams...ur commnt made my day again :)....u r spcl to me <3

      mwaahhhh :):) !!

  8. Awww..how cute! Both surprising each other! Have a good holiday sweets!

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  10. love the way you smile...it spells of love..so i guess the photographer is the husband!!

    like the necklace too!!


    1. thank you so much dear and welcome to BB :)

      yes u r rite photographer was husband :)
      sounds great that u like the necklace :)


  11. thats so sweet a surprise :)

  12. a, it looks like you had a nice v-day. what at pleasant surprise. you guys make a cute couple. :) i adore that necklace! you look amazing. :) you have a new follower on google, and i love getting inspirations from other bloggers. hoping to stay connected, and have a great day!


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