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Sayanatani : We must all meet sooooon @AnuDG @Soumi33 @bongsbelleza and any other Calcutta
bloggers y'll know!

Anupriya : @sayantanii @soumi33 @bongsbelleza Of course we should meet up soon, girls!! Is @bongsbelleza in town yet??? -

Me@sayantanii @AnuDG @Soumi33 let's plan the venue ;)

Soumi@sayantanii @AnuDG @bongsbelleza Yeah,15th is F-I-N-E!:-)

Anupriya@sayantanii @bongsbelleza Ok...girls! My day is all yours!! When & where are we having lunch??? :D

Anupriya @sayantanii @bongsbelleza @soumi33 Can't wait for the #kolkatabloggersmeet! Eeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Sayantani @bongsbelleza @AnuDG @soumi33 Choice of restaurants, girls?

Me @sayantanii @AnuDG @Soumi33 I have no issues but there should be a place near by that where we can take pix :P:P:P

Sayantani@bongsbelleza @AnuDG @Soumi33 ok girls now think of a picturesque place!

Me@AnuDG @sayantanii @soumi33 Peter Cat @ 12 !! :D#kolkatabloggersmeet

Anupriya @sayantanii @bongsbelleza @Soumi33 Great! So That's that then!! Don't forget to carry your cameras, girls!!! :D

Yes, you got me right!
All these are some crazy tweets made by Anupriya , Sayantani , Soumi and me !We were really excited about our first ever city blogger's meet!

Honestly, I am quite late among four of us to post this , so I am not making it large any more !
You can read (I hope you have already read it) the whole story at herehereherehere and here.

Sayantani & Anupriya

Soumi & I

had lunch together ( If you are from Kolkata, you know this  -yes, the famous Chelo Kebab at Peter Cat)

had fun together

shoot together

and, clicked together 

Really, had an awesome time together ! Eagerly waiting for another blogger's day out ! :)
Anu, Sayantani, Soumi-----are YOU listening ?!?! (:

Much Love,

Today, I am going to answer Sukanya's questions !Do check out her blog few unnecessary stuff.  She is sharing her thoughts on Health,Beauty and Lifestyle

Questions by Sukanya :

#Salon treatments with not so famous brands/ DIY home spa treatment with luxury brands?
   DIY home spa treatment with luxury brands 

#Internet connection you are using?
  Comcast(USA) / Alliance( India)

#Favourite perfume?
  Pleasures by Estee Lauder

#Your comfort food?
  Rice, lentil soup, and potato fry (bhat daal alubhaja )

#You mostly shop for- makeup/outfits?

#Stilettoes / flats?

#What do you love about my blog( I presume you read it!)?
  To the point and precise post!

#Are you a dog lover?

#Makeup Products you love (mention shaded) ?
  Maybelline Gel eyeliner (Blackest Black)

#Products you regret buying?
  Avon Lipsticks !

#How much time you spend on your blog(includes visiting other blogs) on an average day?
  1-2 hrs.

Now enjoy few unnecessary stuffs clicked by me -

Philadelphia downtown

                                                                      Philadelphia downtown

                                                                      Philadelphia downtown

                                                                     Baltimore Inner Harbor

Independence Hall, Philadelphia

                                                                    Philadelphia downtown

                                                                   Baltimore Inner Harbor

                                                                   Philadelphia downtown

Baltimore Inner Harbor

Much LOVE,

Back to India, Back to Kolkata, Back to office, Back to reality !

Yes, I am back to reality, again !
Because I was living dream ....
The last one year one month was a dream come true for me...oh no nothing related to those rosy "USA" dreams....this is purely related to "US"...our togetherness !
I have never realized that I will miss him/or may be "us" this much....
I am missing my home back there...my kitchen...my window....my balcony....every thing....every single little thing related to this last one year !

Now, coming to my outfit, today I am posting a random outfit from last to last weekend. I was going for last minute shopping before leaving USA and wanted to block his attention as well as the color you know ...and this is the outcome....neon color blocking ! (:

Top: Wet seal 
Strawberry Red Denim : Rue 21 (bought @ $15 with straight 40% discount)
Boot : K Mart also worn here
Ear ring : Forever 21
Bracelet : Osh Kosh B'gosh (Jr. Section)
Bag : J C Penny

P.S. this is a special post for Infb Remix:neon. Come join us :)

Loadsa Love,

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