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Blogger's Day Out

By  Ayantika     3:47 AM    Labels:,,,, 

Sayanatani : We must all meet sooooon @AnuDG @Soumi33 @bongsbelleza and any other Calcutta
bloggers y'll know!

Anupriya : @sayantanii @soumi33 @bongsbelleza Of course we should meet up soon, girls!! Is @bongsbelleza in town yet??? -

Me@sayantanii @AnuDG @Soumi33 let's plan the venue ;)

Soumi@sayantanii @AnuDG @bongsbelleza Yeah,15th is F-I-N-E!:-)

Anupriya@sayantanii @bongsbelleza Ok...girls! My day is all yours!! When & where are we having lunch??? :D

Anupriya @sayantanii @bongsbelleza @soumi33 Can't wait for the #kolkatabloggersmeet! Eeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Sayantani @bongsbelleza @AnuDG @soumi33 Choice of restaurants, girls?

Me @sayantanii @AnuDG @Soumi33 I have no issues but there should be a place near by that where we can take pix :P:P:P

Sayantani@bongsbelleza @AnuDG @Soumi33 ok girls now think of a picturesque place!

Me@AnuDG @sayantanii @soumi33 Peter Cat @ 12 !! :D#kolkatabloggersmeet

Anupriya @sayantanii @bongsbelleza @Soumi33 Great! So That's that then!! Don't forget to carry your cameras, girls!!! :D

Yes, you got me right!
All these are some crazy tweets made by Anupriya , Sayantani , Soumi and me !We were really excited about our first ever city blogger's meet!

Honestly, I am quite late among four of us to post this , so I am not making it large any more !
You can read (I hope you have already read it) the whole story at herehereherehere and here.

Sayantani & Anupriya

Soumi & I

had lunch together ( If you are from Kolkata, you know this  -yes, the famous Chelo Kebab at Peter Cat)

had fun together

shoot together

and, clicked together 

Really, had an awesome time together ! Eagerly waiting for another blogger's day out ! :)
Anu, Sayantani, Soumi-----are YOU listening ?!?! (:

Much Love,

About Ayantika

New mommy, hopeless romantic, insane, day dreamer, cup cake lover, travel buff, reader, gemini and a bong. O I do blog!


  1. Awww, what a fun day! Great looks, great smiles and great food!!

  2. awesome post..njoyed reading ..keep smiling..:)

  3. Whoa great...its always fun to meet like minded people...

  4. You all are looking so sweet,happy,beautiful and colorful ! Loved reading about your bonding over food, fashion and all things good in life,
    Have a nice day !

  5. Lovely girls, Great food and wonderful location !! What else could you ask for :)

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    ♡ StylishByNature.com

  6. Wow, you made me crave for Chello kabab, so bad, and Chicken Marakesh, and grilled fish sizzler, and prawn cocktail!! Ohhh, I miss Kolkata and all its lovely food so bad! You girls look amazing and love all your outfits! Thank you so much for your sweet comment Ayantika!

  7. Wow! Girls having fun. Would be awesome to meet up bloggers around :)

    I loved the way you have written it Ayantika...and the photographs are real fun.

    Wardrobe and Mirror

    Find us on Facebook

  8. so nice photos, it seem you had so fun togheter.

  9. Looks like you ladies had a great time. And the Bong food... yum yum yum... Was in Kolkatta for my BFF's wedding in Jan and ate my heart out. Hope u had a fun stay.
    Happy Blogging,
    Fashionopolis By Amena
    Connect On Facebook

  10. Looking gud:)seems like you guys had fun:)

  11. wow this looks so much fun..:D
    wish i could be a part of it:)
    ver very cute pictures:)

    Elegance Stylized Blog❤

  12. And to narrow it down..that was essentially our convo!Love how you've written it!

  13. wow!this is awesome..i am from kolkata as well but when you guys were having chello kebabs i was writing exams..boo me!!!
    want to follow each other!?
    i don't know any other fashion bloggers based in this city!

  14. looks like you had a great time, you look stunning


  15. i dont mind joining if im there

  16. wow...this is so cool! you guys can meet!
    I am jealous! btw...u all look lovely! :)
    Love from Bindigasm

  17. Wish I could catch up with all of you :(
    Where is it?



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