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"Hey what r u doin"
"Nothing rey...just poking and liking ;)"
"Stop that nonsense and listen
I m planning to go Digha and I want you to be there with me ...right there...right then ;)"
"whatttttt...when ?????"
"This weekend...and I don't want to listen any NO...got it ?"
"Chill...chill...listen baby...I have check out this weekend...and I have to be here...my all team will be in office dear...so I can't"
"huh...I already told you that I don't wanna listen any kind of NO from you...I am not asking for your answer ...I am telling you that we are going to Digha..this weekend...together ...okay ???"
"Areyyyyyy....NOoooooooooo...how can I manage ??? :( "
"Don't know....take a chill pill...and write an email...an excuse that you can't attend your bloody check out this weekend...."

huh....this is Kyra...Yes, my best pal...we are together since last 12 years...no no...we are just friends...not so called just good friend (like the Bollywood actors ;) )...ha ha ha...Kyra is a girl and so am I ...so no confusion...otherwise...I already married her !! ;)

And...then.....I wrote an excuse email ....bunked my check out...and went with my friend...to Digha.
Weather was just perfect...just perfect for chilling out at water...we loved the sea beach...so what...the color of the water was grey...so what ....we didn't get any AC room...so what....we got tanned....we just packed our Romper, Shorts , Tshirts, Chappals and few summer essentials in our backpack and we were ready to go !

No...swimsuit for us...this is Digha...this is West Bengal..this is India...we can't man....:(
So... floral romper...bare feet...feather ear ring and chunky bracelets ...exactly this was me!
And...wearing her tangerine shorts..nutral t-shirt.with all white accessories ..even the chappals...Kyra was looking like a demon (shhhhh...she was looking like a dream actually...but don't tell her ;) ) !!

....dollop of sunscreen... favorite sunglasses...and chilled beer...beach chairs...and we TWO...yes...this was the perfect weekend of which I was dreaming ! We tested the salty water...we had the rasgulla at the beach...we bought the beach accessories...we had enough of fish fry....and we had our talks...non stop talk...we are bestttttt pal...yes we are :)

"O man...It's already 6...let's wrap up...."...Kyra woke up!!
Again we packed our backpack...we were ready to go back...but we didn't want to...!!
Then..it was way to my city...time to wake her up from he slumber...I was wondering...."friends are generally precious...but someone like you (Demon) are always hard to find...I cherish it though! Love u Kyra "

(all image : Via Google)
P.S. : Kyra is imaginary...I mean the name...but not the character...yes....I Photoshop-ed some one...who is real! and...ofcourse...this trip is purely imaginary....but not me...I am real...original !!

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Today I am going to talk about one of my friend ...one of my virtual friend actually !
Elegant, beautiful, stunning...my vocab is not enough to describe this young teacher (yes, she is!)! :)
Last week, when Sonali(her name is) uploaded one of her pictures on Facebook, I just asked her..."do you wanna feature in BB" ?!?! ...this was totally unplanned, unconscious....but, "nearly all the best things came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me ."

Tarquise denim and striped tee...I am in love with this awesome combo, Sonali !
And, it has to be....after all her inspiration is Tanvi from Tanvii.com !
What do you feel ?!?!

Also, I asked Sonali regarding her 2 minutes style mantra :
Her instant reaction was :
"my 2 mins style tips before going out...
1. I always wash my face with cold water and apply some moisturiser
2. if evening i sprinkle some shine powder..
3. I always iron my clothes before I wear them
4. I carefully select my shoes and bags
5. apply some lipgloss and I'm ready to go.. "

Awesome tips, Sonali, thanks for sharing ! :)

P.S. : Style File is a fresh segment in BB. If you want to share your fashion statement, quirky accessories,  and style mantra with us, then you can mail us at bongsbelleza@gmail.com or message me at Facebook or tweet me. You can be a style blogger, you can be a regular college student, you can be a home maker , you can be a busy professionals, even we are open to Men. We will be happy to feature you here . So, what are you waiting for...mail us your favorite pose ! :)

By the way, have you checked my first article in Maazu ? IF not, then click here . (:

Loadsa Love,


It seems that everyone wears jeans! Over the years they have become firmly established as the number one wardrobe essential. They are so versatile and go with everything, but some jeans look better on some people than others. So what tips are there for looking your best in denim?

Size and shape

Firstly, you need to make sure that your jeans are the right size for you. Remember that sizes differ between companies so they won’t always be the same, even if the label says they are the size you take.

You also need to be aware of what cut of jeans looks particularly good with your body shape. Taller women look good in flared jeans, as do women with wider hips as it tends to even out the shape. Straight leg jeans work well if you want to make your legs look longer, and skinny jeans are good for petite girls.

You also need to pay attention to the rise of the jean at the front and the back. This is the distance from where the seam is at the crotch, to the waistband of the trouser. This should be tightly fitting. Baggy jeans aren’t that flattering.


This summer is all about big and bold colours, so think about getting some bright denim. You need to think about what colour goes well with your skin and hair tones. Big block colours will make you look bang ‘on trend’ and will really brighten you up, even if the British summer weather doesn’t.

If you are going to stick with blue, then think about going for a darker wash as this is easier to dress up and looks good with any body shape.

Go for names

With jeans, you basically get what you pay for. If you purchase cheap jeans from the high street they are going to look cheap too. They will also wear quickly and lose their shape. But if you go for a pair of well-made Firetrap jeans then you know you are going to get your money’s worth. Shop online for brand names and you might even be able to get them much cheaper than in the shops.

Follow these simple rules when buying your jeans and you too could get the very best out of your denim.

Friendship means fun
Friendship means coffee
Friendship means madness ....

Yes, we became crazy!
We smiled for no reason...we talked foolish .....and we promised to meet again, very soon!
Yes, I am talking about our latest friends meet a.k.a. Blogger' meet.
Because, friendship is all about depth, not about length !! (smile)

And, this is what I wore that day ......

Top : Rue 21 (also worn here)
Purple denim : Rue 21 (bought @ $15 with straight 40% discount)
Wedge : Gift from mom (India) (also worn here)
Ring : Forever 21
Ear ring, bracelet, bangles, necklace : Expo in Kolkata
Bag : K mart

Picture Credit : Anupriya (a biiiiiiiiig hug to you, darling )

Have a great week ahead !

Loadsa LOVE !!
Happy Happy Happy !!
Good News Good News Good News !!

No no, I am not that superstitious. I am repeating(three times) the word/phrase "Happy" and "Good News" to make you understand how much happy I am.... literally ! (:

Some one said it right, the happiness get doubled if we share the reason with our closed ones ! :(oh no not always ...sometimes closed ones are good enough to destroy the happiness )
So, I am going to share this with you all ...not a good news, rather a series of good news !

# Two of my best buddies are going to get married early next year ! no not to each other !

# Two of my best buddies are getting married end of this year ! yes, to each other !

# Another childhood buddy is coming to the city next month and we are going to meet each other after 9 long years ! Can you imagine ?!?! (I know you can. (cheeky!)

# My cousin is blessed with a very cute baby boy (smile) !

# -------------------------------------------- ( coming soon) ! (wink) !

# My boss will visit us not before September. (cool) !

And , to complement my happiness, I am (wearing) floral today ( not only for my happiness, also for InFB Remix :Florals ) (wink) (again) !

Tunic: B K Market( Anupriya,Soumi and Sayanatani helped me to find out this shopping heaven on the day of our Blogger's meet)

Jeggings : Aeropostale
Wedge : Gift from mom (India)
Ear ring : Old enough to forget the shop
Bangles :  Old enough to forget the shop
Ring : Expo in Kolkata
Bag : Wedding gift from a friend

Much LOVE !!

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