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Christmas is around the corner. And, this is the season of gifting something to our closer ones. And, who can be more closer to me other than my readers ? So, I along with Firmoo  are going to give away $20 vouchers to 25 readers of my blog.Yes, you read that right... 25 WINNERS will get a $20 gift certificate from Firmoo!!! They have glasses for as low as $8, so you could get as many as two pairs!! They've got sunglasses,too. So, what are you waiting for ? Come, join BB's first ever International giveaway !!!!

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Jingle Bell...Jingle Bell...Jingle all the way !

Yes, 28 more days and Christmas is here. Isn't this the perfect time to search and find the unique gift ideas for our near and dear ones ?

Come, explore with us -

Image Souce : Google

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  5. Now, it's time for our dad. Don't you think a tab can be a perfect gift for the best man of our lives? I do think so. Amazon is offering the best deal for Kindle Fire. Steal the deal.
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  7. Rule for a perfect daughter-in-law? Remember the very smallest wishes of your in-laws. Book a one day trip to a nearest jungle safari for them. GotoBus is here to help you!
  8. Want to enliven your home with a new spark in this festive season ? Wallpaperstore is offering pretty wallpaper. Choose and spice up your old room.
  9. Now, now, now, who left ? O yes, You ! I ! We ! :)  From this 25th December, I am gifting myself a mantra - a real one - Live-Lough-Love- more, more and more ! Is there any better gift idea to give ourselves ? No ! You bet ?
(This is a special post for IFB Project)

So, how was your Thanksgiving weekend ? Mine was full of shopping, foods, movies and a short trip to Rhode Island.

Thanksgiving day is one of the events which reminds me the passion of my city Kolkata- it is like whole night pandal hopping during Durga Puja. This year, I picked up some necessary things for my new apartment and also bags and winter outfits.But I was looking for a long boot..which I couldn't find (of course according to my choice and size) in any outlet...I visited Kohls, Macys, Payless, Encore, Target and many more. And, till now, I am not very much comfortable with online shoe-shopping.  

These are what I am lusting right now ! Any suggestion guys ???

Check out the full board here : http://bit.ly/SlR05u

A quick recipe to kick start your thanksgiving week !

Ingredients :

Cranberry Juice
Orange Juice
Orange slice

  • Pour 2 oz vodka
  • then add 3 oz cranberry juice and  2 oz orange juice 
  • Now take ice as per your choice and mix well
  • Decorate with orange slice and mint
  • Voila! Madras cocktail is ready within 2 mins.

Happy Thanksgiving !

womenspersonalfinance net black friday infographic v2 Womens Black Friday Infographic

Source: WomensPersonalFinance.net

Yes, I am pretty excited ! Are you ???

Share your Black Friday shopping plan with us !!! :)


We started puja in our new apartment on this auspicious day

Special prasad - GEMS from India

Bhog - Khichuri (Preparation of rice and lentil) and foolkopir dalna (Culiflower roast)

Happy Deepaboli to all my readers ! :-)

The ABF or ‘the soldier’s charity’ as its more popularly known has been here to give a
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As the British army’s national charity it has provided financial and practical support for the
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Trusted by each other and their supporters, they are respectful to all people and their needs,
Inspirational in their fundraising efforts and approachable, effective and quick to respond.
These charity values make the ABF one of the leading UK CHARITIES.

Currently raising near £7 million a year to keep up with the demand this figure is expected
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They risk so much for us but in their minds they are just doing their job, so show your
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(This is a special post by http://www.pandora.net/)
It's already two weeks since puja, but still I am posting my puja outfit. Trust me, I am having enough material to blog about. But , I can't get out of the essence of our best festival till now. Since childhood, I am like this. Puja (yes, for us, puja means Durgapuja, not anything else) means a loads of things to me ...not only festivals...It means to find out that lost freind, It means to fall for that new guy who joined your college just few days back, It means to gossip about that very girl who is new to your neighborhood, It means to meet with all of your brothers- sisters (cousins means brothers and sisters to us) and then whole night adda (gossip), It means whole night pandal hopping at Muhammad Ali park and College Square, It means to stand in a very long queue in front of Golbarir Kosha Mangsho or Arsalan's Biriyani,...... It means to wait for another one year !!!

Moving on to the outfit, this is what I wore on nabami.

Saree : Pure Silk (block and floral printed) Gifted
Neon necklace : Swabhumi
Flower ring : Forever 21
Red clutch : Gifted from Leather World

Photo Credit : Jaydip
You can also check out his last work in BB here.

For more puja updates....keep looking ! And, also check out my last puja post here, here and here

Hi friends of Ayantika! My name is Swarnali and I am so honored to be guest posting on Bong's Belleza. I have been a big fan of Ayantika's blog for quite sometime now and am so thrilled to write for her.

As you must have noticed, Ayantika has been doing a series of posts here on her blog on Durga Pujo and so I thought of doing a guest post on the very same theme.

Durga Pujo is celebrated in Bengal for mainly four days when Mother Goddess Durga along with her four children is believed to have come for her yearly visit to her parents' place on Earth from her Heavenly abode. I'll focus on a particular ritual called the Kumari / Kanya Pujo that is done on the third day of Durga Pujo or the Eighth day of Navaratri i.e. Ashtami. 

The ritual follows the worship of a girl between the ages of one to thirteen years who symbolizes the Kanya Kumari (i.e. Virgin) form of the Mother Goddess. This pujo is done in front of the idol and devotees worship the young girl as the incarnation of the very goddess. The kanya is adorned with jewels and flowers, her feet are balmed with turmeric and her forehead is marked with sindoor (vermillion) . Devotees recite prayers and chant slokas of Goddess Durga in her worship.

I was worshiped multiple times as a kid and I used to love the whole celebration and receiving gifts after the pujo was done :D Have you ever been worshiped as a kanya when you were young?

Durga pujo is not just about the worship and prayers, it is also about coming together of friends and family, gorgeous feasts and of course a lot of dressing up. Here is a picture of me from Ashtami evening.

Diwali is almost around the corner!! On an ending note, wishing all of you a very happy, safe and prosperous Diwali. :)

Thank you so much, Swarnali ! BB is lucky to get you as it's first guest blogger.Check out this very talented and fresh writer's blog here "Dreams N Drama"
Hello :)

It's time for another puja outfit post. I am making it very very short this time as I need to go to shopping for my new apartment. Weather is so good and sunny here in Connecticut. And, we hope it will remain same at least for next couple of weeks.

Picture Credit : Avik Naskar

I was having Phhochka....Delicacy of Calcutta

The saree I am wearing here is called Nimjari ( Pure silk with a special kind of stich) and coupled it with golden accessories. I wanted to make it purely traditional, so I opted for these black bindi and black kohl. This bag is borrowed from mom and she knows that I will never return it. :D

with one of my friend

For more puja updates....keep looking ! And, also check out my last puja post here and here

Hello there,

I am back to USA...and safe, too... instead of Sandy ! I am praying for all those victims of this massive Hurricane. Please, join me in praying for those who have recently suffered from this Hurricane Sandy. Pray for the safety of those impacted and for the families who have already lost loved ones to this storm in USA and also in Cuba and Caribbean Islands.

Now, it's time for some outfit pictures...today I am sharing my outfit of Saptami. Enjoy :)

 Saree : Gifted
Necklace : J C Penny
Bangles : Swabhumi ( Kolkata)
Bag : K Mart

The saree is a matka ( a special type of fabric..it can be of silk and cotton both...here, it is cotton) gifted by a family friend in my wedding.I paired it with some funky bangles and necklace for a casual yet traditional look. And, I mention, here I am wearing a green bindi and I am in love with colored bindi now !!!

For more puja updates....keep looking ! And, also check out my last puja post here

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