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Connecticut's weather is just like me! Sometimes it feels like 10 C in January and sometimes like -22 C (really it is) ! And, now it's snowing....heavily!And, tomorrow it will be a bright sunny day. Weird right? O yeah...that's so me (:

Coming back to this outfit, this is what I wore on a casual weekend. I went to the local outlet mall with couple of my friends.

Coat : Wamlart
Denim : Rue 21
Boot : K Mart
Bag : K Mart
Flower Ring : Forever 21 also worn here
Ear Ring : Mani Square mall, Kolkata

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If you are regular at my blog, then you should know that I was lusting about a long boot for quite sometime. And, during post Christmas sale, I found one (you also knew that I think, if you are following me at Twitter).
This boot is comfy and chic....just what I was looking for. What do you feel guys? Any styling tips for this one?

Shirt and Necklace : Forever 21
Snake print leggings : Kohl's also worn here, shop here
Boot : Payless
Bag : K Mart
Bracelet : Swabhumi also worn here
Sun glass : C/O Firmoo also worn here

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Chill is in the air. Ground has cover itself in the snow-blanket. Snowflakes are flying from the leaves. Nights are shady. Solitude surrounds me. And, I am in love with this. I forget when I talked to you last time.But,my heart doesn't. It seems just yesterday. The pain of our love is still so fresh, so young. And, I am in love with this. Your touch is still in my neck. Aahhh...my love, I love how you kiss me, how you hold me, and how you make love with me. My heart ponders and my eyes go hazy. You and I are just perfect in this imperfect World. Yes, I am in love, I am in pain. And, I love to be. .....for ever and ever!!!

Thoughts on the new segment?
Liked it or not? How can we be more versatile?
Please feel free to share your feedback herehere or here below !
(Special post for IFB Project #78)

Wool Peacoat : K Mart (last worn here)
Denim : R 21
Tee : From Esplanade, Kolkata
Animal print pump : From Mumbai
Bag : K Mart
Beanie : K Mart
Gloves & Socks : Walmart
Necklace : J C Penny

It was the last day of the last year. We were surrounded by snow. Don't you love these frosted flakes? I do! I never knew that I am in love with the winter. Do you want to know how much it is? Last week, it felt like -12 C here and I was running in the morning - just to feel the cool breeze...just to feel the melted ice...just to feel my love for it.

And, now if you are wondering how did I survived, then here is the anatomy of my outfit :

  • I always do wear warm tights under the denim
  • There are a blouse, sweater and bla bla bla underneath my peacoat
  • Gloves and beanie are mandatory, if required then opt for scarf too
  • Go for thick creme to fight with chilly wind. if you have oily skin, then wear it on cheek atleast
  • Lip balm and heal creme are two basic things for winter. Choose the royal jelly based one.
  • Body oil is must haveand right after the bath
  • Have your vitamins and plenty of water
Follow these simple rules and be mad like me !!! (:

...I want to have all of these, in no particular order!

To sit here and dream !

To splash, splash...more splash !

To be like this! Any issue? Okay, sue me!

To have these snowman cookies in the snow!

To hold your hand and play hide & seek in this road!
And ever!

(all image source : here )

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Resolution No 1: More and more DIY projects on the blog!

Our love for polka dot is not unknown. So I first wanted to go for this super easy DIY polka dot bangle.
  • All you need are a bangle(old/new) of your choice and some nail paints.I picked up this very old bangle of mine.
  • Just draw some big and small circle on it with various random nail paints.
  • And, voila, polka dot bangle is ready :)

I did this project when I was in India, but I am always late to post the particular post (I am having loads of outfit /cooking/travel posts from India)!
So, here goes Resolution No 2 : 
Always make sure to post a particular article just right after it's shoot!

So, what do you think? Is it simple enough? Any suggestion for my next DIY project?

A sunny weekend : http://bit.ly/VD7cOy

Santa is the town : http://bit.ly/UtmXbq

Heading for Boston on Christmas : http://bit.ly/Utn0E9

Baked this fruit cake for Christmas : http://bit.ly/Wrk7lS

Back from a movie date : http://bit.ly/Uo66ue

For rest of the pictures, you can click here
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......2013 is gonna be the year in which
  • there will be zero terrorism in the World
  • we will have a pollution free World
  • there will be less chlorofluorocarbons around us
  • we will take care of our natural resources  like oil, water, forests which is already limited in quantity
  • we will have a perfect balance of growing population & available resources
  • there will be equal distribution of financial resources
  • we will use less nuclear weapons ( that too for a good cause)
  • there will be zero racism & sexism
  • I will have a zero figure
  • and, all these unrealistic thoughts will happen for sure !!!
Now, this is what I wore on Christmas. I already told you in my last post that we went to Boston that day.

I wanted to add little glitter into my outfit, and so I opted for this ear ring. This is what I won via InFB giveaway. For a clear detail view, you can click here 

Hooded Coat : Old Navy
Corduroy Jeans : Macy's
Woolen scarf : Walmart
Crossbody : B K Market, Kolkata (last worn here)
Bootie : Target (last worn here)
 Ear ring : Posh Fusion via InFB (for a clear view click here)

Christmas means a little dose of extra craziness 

Happy New Year 

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