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DIY : Polka Dot Bangle

By  Ayantika     7:24 PM    Labels:,,, 

Resolution No 1: More and more DIY projects on the blog!

Our love for polka dot is not unknown. So I first wanted to go for this super easy DIY polka dot bangle.
  • All you need are a bangle(old/new) of your choice and some nail paints.I picked up this very old bangle of mine.
  • Just draw some big and small circle on it with various random nail paints.
  • And, voila, polka dot bangle is ready :)

I did this project when I was in India, but I am always late to post the particular post (I am having loads of outfit /cooking/travel posts from India)!
So, here goes Resolution No 2 : 
Always make sure to post a particular article just right after it's shoot!

So, what do you think? Is it simple enough? Any suggestion for my next DIY project?

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  1. supercool 8) Love how it looks with all the bangles paired together.

  2. That is a cute DIY project :D Polka dots are evergreen...I love them :)
    ermm...you cute try making bow hair clips or brooches next :D

  3. wow that looks great!!!
    I love it!
    great job darling and of course a very Happy New year! xoxo Tamara Chloé


  4. CUTE! And I love your nail polish!

  5. I can really do this with so many bangles lying around in my house !! My resolution-try out some DIY's !!lol..

  6. cute one! :)

    wud u like to follow each other? lemme knw! :)

    My new post is up. Maybe you have time to read :)


  7. Cool! I have similar bangles too! I must do something with them. You inspired me.

  8. Thanks for following! Followed back!

    Adorable bangle! I never really see designs on bangles so this DIY is super cute!

    Summer x

  9. hey there! thanks for visiting me and my lil blog- i'm happy to follow you!! i love your blog, i've been reading through and your outfits are really cute.
    if i had nails as nice as yours i would do mani diy's! :)

  10. Very cute....Thanks for sharing this post:)

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    Thanks & Regards

  11. Such a fun and cute DIY!!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog


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