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Friday Fiction : Confession

By  Ayantika     11:15 AM    Labels:,,,,, 
Chill is in the air. Ground has cover itself in the snow-blanket. Snowflakes are flying from the leaves. Nights are shady. Solitude surrounds me. And, I am in love with this. I forget when I talked to you last time.But,my heart doesn't. It seems just yesterday. The pain of our love is still so fresh, so young. And, I am in love with this. Your touch is still in my neck. Aahhh...my love, I love how you kiss me, how you hold me, and how you make love with me. My heart ponders and my eyes go hazy. You and I are just perfect in this imperfect World. Yes, I am in love, I am in pain. And, I love to be. .....for ever and ever!!!

Thoughts on the new segment?
Liked it or not? How can we be more versatile?
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  1. OMG!! This is amazing! I'll look forward to this every week (or whatever frequency you are planning)!

    You know I love words....so, kudos, girl! Here's to a versatile 2013!! :))

  2. I'm loving the new section :D Please keep more coming :)

  3. Really enjoyed reading it ! So refreshing :)
    xoxo <3


  4. Very nice .. Keep it up, Gal ...

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