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Top : Walmart, Skirt & Headband : Rue 21, Hooded Coat : Old Navy, Boot : Rue 21, Tights : J C Penny

I know that you people already know that Google Friend Connect is shutting down in July, so what should we do? I don't want to loose the chance to read my fabulous fellow bloggers, so, I have already migrated all my GFC contacts to Bloglovin! Have you yet? If not, then go through :
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  • Allow access and you are done! Easy Peasy? 

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My favorite frog ring : http://bit.ly/13qfqAN

Hubby's favorite fish chop: http://bit.ly/15Vy7cw

V day outfit : http://bit.ly/YvQeSs

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With the chirping birds, alluring cherries and dewy mornings, Spring is here. So, it is the time to spice up your wardrobe again. What about snatching some new sunglasses? O yes! Go retro with new wrap around sunglasses from Firmoo. For an ultra chic look pair it with your maxi dress or your high low skirt and create some magic. Choose the aviator one for a whimsical spring break look. Sport it with your swim suit and a dallop of Sunscreen. What about UV protection of your eyes? Don't worry! Firmoo is taking care of that. If you are concerned about your vision, worry not! Avail the prescription glasses of Firmoo.

Scroll for some fresh inspirations!!!

Picture Source : Firmoo+

Now, what about me? Well, I am a loyal Firmoo fan. I already have a wrap around sun glass,   where as I am waiting for my second one. Sounds crazy? O yes, this is so me. If you are regular in my blog, then you already know that, if not then see here, here and here. This pair is almost like a must have go to accessory to me. Whenever I am in hurry, I pair it with my boyfriend jeans, casual tee and a tennis shoe. Affordable, durable, comfortable and trendy - these are Firmoo in a line.

They have no. of options to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your first free pair !

P.S. : I am now at Firmoo+. You can check me here. Wanna join me ???
Slender, tanned skin, burgundy hair, pale lips. These are what she is all about. She has that extra oomph factor rather than a pure girly-girl. She is a pro in cooking, she loves to roam around with her favorite SLR and she is a senior consultant in TCS. You know her, right? Yeah, she is none other than my dear friend Soumi.

Few days back, when I stalked her on FaceBook, I knew another Style-File was indeed on it's way. Experimenting stripes with solid color is just amazing. And, that long sweater is so ladylike and ultra flattering. Zero accessories with a sun glass and sneaker added spoonful of laid back style into this look. This is what I call sheer elegance!

Soumi has shared her style mantra with our readers :

"Fashion is nothing but a reflection of your attitude and elegance  Style is unique. Create your own style on your own way & let it be identifiable for others."

This is so true. Kudos to you, Soumi :-)

Don't you think Soumi's style is whimsical and fun? Tell us your opinion !!!

P.S. : Style File is a fresh segment in BB. If you want to share your fashion statement, quirky accessories, and style mantra with us, then you can mail us at bongsbelleza@gmail.com or message me at Facebook or tweet me. You can be a style blogger, you can be a regular college student, you can be a home maker , you can be a busy professionals, even we are open to Men. We will be happy to feature you here . So, what are you waiting for...mail us your favorite pose ! :)

Did you ever feel any invisible bond when you met someone for the very first time? You talked to each other, you didn't have any certain relationship, even you knew that you belong to some one else, but still there was some spark between you two. Whenever you met with that particular person, you wondered if that was friendship or more than that ? Is that something happened to you ever? 

Coming to the outfit, it was a Sunday one week back. Spring is just 3 days away, but still it is chilly here in Connecticut. A leather jacket was not sufficient to bit the chill, so I wore a sweater underneath and it was cowl neck one. It served two purposes - one as a sweater and one as a scarf. Do you like this idea?

Sweater : Rue 21 (similar), Leather Jacket : K Mart (similar), Bootie : Target (similar), Jeggings : Gifted, Ear ring : INPINK, Ring :Icing

Happy St. Patrick Day everyone! Let me know your plan today? :-)

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 (Source : here )

He is my childhood Hero. I have grown up witnessing his artistry. Every Bengali women dreamt about his heroism in their adolescence period. He is none other than Soumitra Chatterjee, the iconic Bengali actor from India. This living legend has amazed me always with his outstanding talent. Whenever I see him in Big screen or narrating any piece, I become spellbound with his charisma. And, he has done it once more - this time with his undying spirit. Yes, 80 years old Mr. Chatterjee made his debut in singing with a jingle for Nutrela’s kacchi ghani mustard oil.

 (Source : here )

If you are regular at my FaceBook page, then you already knew that I can't live without relishing Bengali food. So, when he mentioned about shorshe illish, luchi alur dom, parshe macherjhal, dhokar dalna in this jingle, I could not resist but fall in love with him, once again. Those authentic Bengali delicacies along with my favorite actor - this jingle has already made a special space in the corner of my heart. And, if you guys watch the making of this jingle in Youtube, you will surely react like me. Soumitra Chatterjee barely would have spent time to grasp the tune, rhythm and ‘bhab’. And as he got going, he was singing with Elan and it was just fun. 

Have you seen this video? Not yet? Here you go!

Lord!!! what an attitude he has! I must say Soumitra Chatterjee has really done a remarkable job at the age of 80 where as Amitava Bachhan did it at his 60. His voice is crystal clear just like a trained singer. He is sparkling with his brilliance! I salute this immortal sole. His creativity, his eccentricity and his mannerism leave an enduring footprints in our heart.

Is he your favorite, too? Do you like this video? Share your thoughts, please! :-)

 Corduroy : T J Maxx (similar), Coat : Forever 21(similar), Shirt : Aerpostale (similar), Boot : Rue 21, Bag : Steve Madden ( Vday Gift), Ring : Icing, Sunglass : C/O Firmoo (similar)

Me and my husband belong to just opposite poles. Our likes differ everywhere -in hobbies, in politics, in games, in movies and so on. Sometimes, I really wonder how could we manage to survive since last 8 years (I knew him since last 11 years though) ? How? Here is how - we belong to same family background, same educational background ( This is the trick! why? may be another day? ), same culture, we both have same values and we both love to travel! We are travelholic - in last 4 months we visited Rhode Island , Boston and then on our Anniversary, we went to New York. We wanted to go for a long vacation, but our work didn't permit us. So, we again visited NYC, this time Empire State Building. Yes, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary from 86th Floor of Empire State Building. Good company, good food, good weather and good view - A beautiful day spent, literally!

For more anniversary outfits, see here & here.

As I promised you all that I will post a recipe by this weekend, so here it is. I am very good at keeping promises, you know ( wink).

One of the weekend of Feb, I tried this recipe. I was searching for a healthy and tasty chicken recipe, something different from regular one, and then I saw this recipe at Preeoccupied. And, I was like "oh-this-is-something-I-Was-looking-for". Usually, "healthy and tasty" is a very rare combo. We all know that "which is tasty is not healthy and which is healthy is not tasty"! But I guess this recipe belongs to that very rare genre. Only 4 tablespoon of Fortune Rice Bran oil and this mouthwatering chicken recipe is all set for dinner. Ahhh...who doesn't know, we bong die for anything tasty and anything non-veg ;)

I found it very funny (and weird) to tell something good about my own cooking or about anything which belongs to me(including my husband). Generally, my friends and family take this authority. So, please try this recipe out and let me know how it is. (:

Ingredients :

  • Chicken 600 gm (I took boneless breast pieces )
  • Two large yellow onions (sliced vertically)
  • Ginger and Garlic paste
  • Two medium tomatoes 
  • Whole green chili
  • 2 teaspoon Paprika
  • 2 teaspoon poppy seed
  • handful of cashew
  • handful of raisin
  • Salt to taste
  • 4 tablespoon Fortune Rice Bran Oil

  • Clean and wash chicken and cut them into pieces ( 1-1.5 inch).
  • Take a deep non stick pan and heat oil.
  • Throw Onion, raisin and sliced green chili and fry till golden brown

  • Now add chicken pieces and saute for 3-4 mins.
  • Make a paste of cashew and poppy seeds and pour into the pan.
  • Keep it in a medium flame for another 2-3 mins

  • Now it's time to add ginger and garlic paste and paprika.
  • Make tomato puree and splash into it.
  • Now give everything a very good mix.

  • Add salt ( I added a pinch of sugar, too)
  • Cook in a high flame for 3-4 mins.
  • Then minimize the flame and cover it until the chicken become tender.

Your Reshmi Murg (I give this name, you can name what you like) is ready. I prefer it with Pulao. You can have this with naan or paratha, too. Enjoy !!! :)

This post is a part of Healthy & Tasty Recipe Contest with Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil & BlogAdda.com

It was not love at first sight. We used to glance at each other now and then, nothing more than that, no butterfly in my stomach...no uneasiness...nothing actually to talk about. We were not bosom friend...but I used to feel an invisible bond between us. I don't know what it was..rather what it is that even after 5 long years I am still thinking about her.

One night, I was sitting at our hostel cafeteria. It was raining heavily. She walked in, she was completely drenched. She asked me if she can sit in my table. A small little drop of water dripped from her chin, and I felt like some shock underneath my stomach!I said yes. She was facing me. She didn't tell me anything, even she didn't smile.For a second, or a minute, her dark eyes were on mine, she was quite. I felt some magic inside me, some sprain in my ankle. It was an ohh-what-it-is moment. Gosh! I was in love!

I wanted to look best when I was with her. I wanted to stop the moment when I was with her.I started to awake at night. Her no. was in phone-book. Every time, I wanted to talk with her, but settled for a simple text. I wanted to whisper in her ear.I was not sure what it was. I am really not good with words, I didn't know how to explain my feelings for her. I wanted to wrap my arm around her and kiss her, deep in the chasm. She was the one who made my heart skip a beat.

Even today, after 5 long years, I saw her pictures in FaceBook. I want to go back to the same cafeteria, same library, same campus. I want to hold her tight and take her face in my hand. I want to reverse everything and much more.

I am a guy, who hangs out with friends, chats at night with some unknown girls and works in a software company. My weekends involves a lot of booze, food and random wonderful exhibits. I am a guy of 32 years, still single, not because I want to be,but because I still feel the pain of missing her. I still think of every possible way if there is some chance for us to be together. Sometimes, I wonder! Am I really single? Or I am in a relationship with her who is married to someone else?

(Image source : here )

P.S. : I couldn't find any name for this story! Can you do it for me? Any suggestion? 

Happy Women's Day

Tunic : Gifted (From Akriti), Leggings : R 21(also worn here), Boot : R 21(similar), Bag : K Mart (also worn here), Accessories : From Swabhumi, Kolkata

Coming straight to the outfit here, it was our anniversary lunch date! I thought of wearing something different...kinda Indian sati-savitri nadi ...and so I opt for this oxblood Tunic and paired it with white leggings.  I wanted to do some experiment with color, so I decided to go with these tangerine accessories and the bindi. But then again, it was not-so-chill-not-so-warm day, so I coupled it with this nude boot. Something different right? Fusion....here I come (:

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Straight from Fall 2012 trend to Spring 2013 trend 

Picture source : Google

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