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Friday Fiction : "----------"

By  Ayantika     11:56 AM    Labels:,, 
It was not love at first sight. We used to glance at each other now and then, nothing more than that, no butterfly in my stomach...no uneasiness...nothing actually to talk about. We were not bosom friend...but I used to feel an invisible bond between us. I don't know what it was..rather what it is that even after 5 long years I am still thinking about her.

One night, I was sitting at our hostel cafeteria. It was raining heavily. She walked in, she was completely drenched. She asked me if she can sit in my table. A small little drop of water dripped from her chin, and I felt like some shock underneath my stomach!I said yes. She was facing me. She didn't tell me anything, even she didn't smile.For a second, or a minute, her dark eyes were on mine, she was quite. I felt some magic inside me, some sprain in my ankle. It was an ohh-what-it-is moment. Gosh! I was in love!

I wanted to look best when I was with her. I wanted to stop the moment when I was with her.I started to awake at night. Her no. was in phone-book. Every time, I wanted to talk with her, but settled for a simple text. I wanted to whisper in her ear.I was not sure what it was. I am really not good with words, I didn't know how to explain my feelings for her. I wanted to wrap my arm around her and kiss her, deep in the chasm. She was the one who made my heart skip a beat.

Even today, after 5 long years, I saw her pictures in FaceBook. I want to go back to the same cafeteria, same library, same campus. I want to hold her tight and take her face in my hand. I want to reverse everything and much more.

I am a guy, who hangs out with friends, chats at night with some unknown girls and works in a software company. My weekends involves a lot of booze, food and random wonderful exhibits. I am a guy of 32 years, still single, not because I want to be,but because I still feel the pain of missing her. I still think of every possible way if there is some chance for us to be together. Sometimes, I wonder! Am I really single? Or I am in a relationship with her who is married to someone else?

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P.S. : I couldn't find any name for this story! Can you do it for me? Any suggestion? 

Happy Women's Day

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  1. Hey Happy Women's Day

  2. How about... "Unspoken Love" or "Untold love"??

  3. Ermmm what about "The Unspoken" ???
    Lovely narration...and I like the fact that you did it through a guy's POV...good going ^_^
    The innocence of pure untainted love...beautifully portrayed :) <3

  4. I don't know what I comment on this... I am just spellbound...

  5. Lonely Heart and U...
    -sudeshna banerjee.

  6. Lovely !!!! Loved the lovely spirit.. Keep it up :)

  7. I'm not good at coming up with names unless I happen to write it but well-written. Loved reading it.

  8. So beautiful! I hope someone gives you a great name for it. It's beautiful.

  9. Nice one. Initially I thought it is a story of a girl :). But that, however, does not matter. Here the core is 'love' and I loved it. Feel sorry for the guy.

  10. Oh wow, thats sad! But beautiful - I love this short story. Very heartfelt.
    I can't think of a name really, sorry...

    Trendy Teal

  11. Lovely post! I like that picture, so pretty.



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