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CT aquarium birds

This year memorial day, we visited The Maritime Aquarium, ( last year it was Mystic). Memorial weekend was a bit chilly this year and my son was only 2 months old, so we decided to keep it indoor.

CT maritime Aquarium

Connecticut Maritime Aquarium Image

Things to do : It is a great spot for weekend outing. You can visit the aquariums as well as IMAX movies. There are tons of animals like shark, fishes, tortoise and so many underwater creatures to visit. You can also make entry into Lorikeets with a cup of nectar ($3 each) and the bunch of birds will come to you. But the most exciting part of this outing was Long Island sound. It's a must visit for all of you. Go experience !

CT aquarium fishes

Best time to visit : Memorial day to Labor Day. Maritime Aquarium is open from 10 am-5 pm everyday of the year. You can purchase tickets online here.

Maritime Aquarium Day Out

Connecticut Aquarium

Foods to have : There is a cafeteria with veg and non veg verities. You can enjoy fresh seafood and chicken salads, burger, fries and many more.

Hi everyone,

What's your plan for the weekend? We are going to a friend's place and may go to a beach. And, for a beach outing, I prefer maxis. Maxis are great for summer as well as fall. It's so versatile, you can wear it alone or try it underneath your shirts, sweaters, kimono or everything!

Maxi was my first choice last year.It's perfect for a pregnant body. I styled it many ways and it's great to give your pregnant body a cool shape.

These pictures are from last year's archive. I was 3 months pregnant then :-)

BTW, what's your perfect beach outfit?

Maxi : Kohl's, Jacket : R21, Bag : Jessica Simpson, Ring : Icing, Watch : Nine West, Ear ring : Forever 21


Outfit post...after how many months? oops...let's not count it ;)

As you already know, I am a mom now....WOW...mommy...yes, I am a mommy...such a wonderful feeling it is. Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes...and our life changed!

These pictures are from my early post-postpartum days. I had a c section, so I opted for this legging instead of any jeans for the incision. That black striped over sized top was a buy for my maternity days. It is great to hide those flab around your mid section and also it is very breathable. I will highly recommend buying these kind of tops and blouses instead of real maternity wears. They are good for maternity days as well as postpartum days. These will make a perfect outfit for early pregnancy days,too.

O, if you find dark circles, tired faces and what not, then please excuse me! I think you know the reason :)

Top : Hollister, Legging : From India, Ear ring :J C Penny, Bag : Jessica Simpson, Pump : from Mumbai, India, Watch : Tommy Hilfiger

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