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Khoobsurat Collection – Saree for Every Occasion

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Traditionally, the Indian women are known to be humble and dress modestly and Saree is one of the most popular choices of dresses for a wide majority of women in India. It is perhaps is one of the most popular types of Indian garment that has glorified the beauty of the Indian women globally. It is not any other fashionable dress but it brings out the best in every woman, irrespective of their age or body type. Saree is also the most versatile form of traditional Indian garment that can be worn for every occasion, from cocktail parties to weddings and formal occasions.

Even as the fashion industry has continued its evolution, Indian Saree has withstood the test of time and it refuses to go out of the fashion trend. Today, with the influence of the global fashion and designers, the sarees are available in a myriad of options. Not to mention, the Bollywood has had a tremendous impact on the saree designing. The modern designers and fashion labels have created designs that have established the actresses as Style Goddesses.

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Zohraa.com is one of the leading fashion retail brands in India that is known for its elegant and opulent occasion wear recently launched its new collection, the Khoobsurat Collection. It is an exquisite collection that has a wide array of majestic sarees in different colours, patterns and designs that symbolize a royal wear. The collection is exclusively designed by taking inspiration from the Bollywood movie Khoobsurat, where one of the most stylish and sensational actresses, Sonam Kapoor’s stars.

The latest catalogue reveals Zohraa’s credibility for creating innovative styles and designs. The Blue Faux Georgette Saree features a stunning floral design with a golden color border that has intricate pattern within it. The Royal Blue colour ensemble coupled with a pair of good heels would be a perfect wear for a casual evening party. The Yellow and Pink Brasso Saree is another beautiful saree that reflects grandeur and opulence. The combination of colours, dark pink and subtle yellow perfectly complements each other and presents an awe inspiring sight. The saree also has shades of blue adjoining the border at the bottom and the pallu. It also simmers with the carefully created net lace work and lends a touch of class and elegance. The saree would be a perfect choice for a wedding party with a royal theme, the ensemble paired with traditional jewelry will take the glam quotient a few notches above from the rest in the crowd.

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Another outstanding piece of dress from the collection is the Beige Net and Brasso Saree. The dress is in perfect sync with the movie theme that is set in the royal background. The beauty of the dress is further accentuated by the highly detailed embroidery design and lace work. It is the perfect choice for a formal business meeting; it exudes an aura of a boss. Pair the dress with a contrast colour blouse and the right make-up, rest assured it would bedazzle the onlookers with its radiance.

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  1. Why didn't you post your pictures in sarees? You look ah-freakin-mazing in them! With or without covering your head. :-P By the way, are you coming here during pujo?

  2. Nice read!!!! At every occasion saree looks beautiful and that is the reason most of the women prefer this. Bollywood saree is in demand as well many other trends are also popular.

  3. So beautiful dresses.
    I follow you :)


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