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By  Ayantika     3:17 PM  

Hello There, I'm Ayantika !!

Welcome to my blog Bong's Belleza.

I started this blog 3 years back to showcase my everyday life and to share my dreams. Bong's belleza is all about today's women who balance her social life, her personal life, and also her career. She is a dreamer, she is a risk takers and she is a DIVA !

Few facts about who I am :

  • I am a new mommy to a 4 months old baby boy and married to most understanding husband of the world.
  • I am an IT consultant, who studied Electronics Engineering.
  • I am an Indian, raised in Kolkata and now a Connecticut resident. I moved to USA 3.5 years back.
  • I always tried to be like my father. I miss him every second of my existence. I live for you, dad!
  • My mom is my best friend. She is friend-philosopher-guide.
  • I believe in God. 
  • I love vacations. I love travelling.
  • I love Chinese foods. I love cupcakes. But, nothing beats spicy Bengali foods cooked by my mom.
  • I love my worn out jeans, my white crisp button down and my LBD
  • Shoes are my weakness. 
  • I can carry the whole world in a simple black tote.
  • I love to take pictures.
  • I think Happiness is nothing but a choice.
  • I believe miracles do happen.

    What is this about : 
    • Everyday outfits
    • Fashion on budget
    • Simple recipes
    • Travel pictures and informations
    • Mommy - tips

    Who takes the pictures : 
    Outfit pictures are mainly taken care by my husband. If anyone else is clicking, then I will surely mention.
    Travel pictures, cooking pictures and any other pictures are my department. 

    How to contact me :
    For any queries, email at info@bongsbelleza.com. 


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    2. From another blog, I came across this one. I'm John from the United States. You are a very lovely lady with very nice style. Hope you have a great day/night as you're reading this. Keep up the great work! Oh... and I'm one of your latest Followers of "Bong's Balleza." :)


    3. Hey Ayantika, great blog !! .... xxx

    4. Wow.. nice.. Carry on. All the best

    5. Hi Ayantika,

      Recently came to your blog and found it great. I work with GemPundit.com and very stingy about giving compliments. Congratulations for your great Blog !!

    6. I like your writing .. you have really great writing skill.


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